Max Lucado's Max on Life

Title : Max on Life : Answers and Insights to Your Most Important Questions
Author(s): Max Lucado

Max on life: Answers and Insights to your most important questions, by Max Lucado is a great book for all with doubts and uncertainties about life in general. Now isn't that just about everybody ? That's who this book is directed to. He is answering questions that have been sent in to him by his readers and friends, questions that you or your friends might have as well. Multiple topics are touched and reviewed, from finances to God's will in our lives to how to raise your children and how to deal with your spouse. With in depth answers and Max Lucado's light sense of  humor, you are in for a treat. All those little questions nagging at your mind, your heart and your soul are now answered and are conveniently located inside the same book! The book itself is divided in to smaller, topic related books and then all the questions and answers are numbered. And accompanying each smaller book is a personal note from Max himself. This is a great personal book, or one to have on hand for puzzled friends and family members, it would also be a great gift. This 256 page book reads itself in no time.


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