Sewing Update

So last time I posted, it was about my sewing boo boo with the sewing machine needle. All of that happened while I was making a bag out of an old T-Shirt for my sister. The bag is now completed and looks like this :

Now, since then I have tackled the task of making my other, younger sister a summer dress. I followed the Pillowcase dress pattern from Little Big Girl Studio, adapting it to my skill level and all. It didn't turn out too bad :) I ended up making my own Bias Tape, successfully ! And it looks like this before I used it all.

All in all, it was a success, a learning experience and a lesson in patience :) But well worth it, since now that I know how to make one, I can make plenty. And I also noticed, that if I make the straps a tid-bit longer, the dress turns into a tank top - my size :)  So, we'll just see what this brings us to. Here is the dress :


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