First Sewing Machine Boo-Boo

Well, yesterday, I had my first big sewing machine boo-boo. Well, I think it's a big one, it might be a small one, but it's the first time it happened to me ! I busted my sewing needle. It bent and then the end flung off and hit me in the head. I have never broken a needle before, and don't plan to again either. I was going back and forth and then back again and it got caught and I didn't notice right away and then for some reason my foot kept pressing on the pedal (?) and it snaped and shot. Here are some pictures of my boo-boo.

And in the second picture, you can see part of the owners mannual, opened to page 16, how to replace needle. And I'm proud to say that I changed it all by myself, with out a problem ! So that was my adventure for yesterday.


  1. That would not be a big boo-boo, hun. If you plan to keep sewing, you will break many more needles.

    I consider my first big boo-boo the time I sewed through my thumbnail ... (I had the pressure foot up free sewing ... )


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