Workout Goal Success

We, the ladies of the gym, had been working up to doing our weightlifting max for bench press but I started working out with the guys as well, so I was advancing a little bit faster, but anyways, the ladies never did end up doing the max workout, so I'm kind of glad I did it with the guys, I find them a bit more encouraging and pushing me do to my best. I think they felt a little awkward at first, but now, they joke around with me and yell nicely at me and even fart around me, I guess that's when you know you're one of the guys. But anyway, they created a rule that Dustin, my husband is not aloud to spot me, (for those who don't know, the spotter stands behind you (in this case) to make sure you don't drop the bar on your chest, they help you if you need any help) anyways, they made this rule because Dustin wasn't the best coach/spotter for me, he would distract me or tickle me and his constructive criticism wasn't very constructive. So Jared has been spotting me. And he's been pushing me to do more and to do it better. And his helpful hints have helped me improve a lot. I'm starting to see him as an older brother kind of figure. He even volunteered to help us out with Youth Group. Which will have to wait a bit since him and his wife Holly are expecting their second little baby any day now ! Which is exciting, because as soon as Holly recovers, she will be joining us on Mondays for workouts. The ladies workout on Saturdays only and the guys do Saturdays and Mondays and so do I. All of that to tell you that my bench max goal was 100lbs and Jared made me change that to 125lbs and I succeed it! I did 90lbs for 4, 115lbs for 2 and 125lbs for 1 rep. I succeed my bench max goal for this round ! And I am so happy and so grateful for Jared. I wouldn't of been able to do it with out him. And the best part is, my muscles are not even sore :) My wrist was, but I iced it and wrapped with an elastic band overnight and it was better yesterday but it's still a little sore today. So I'll need to wrap it next time I do heavy weights. But anyway, success from working out feels great. I am more confident in my body, and I feel great.


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