Calming Things Down

Ok so I've been calming things down with the sewing :) I didn't sew anything yesterday or today (so far). I've got laundry to do (don't I always) and clothes to put away (the direct result of all this laundry doing). I did all of the Youth Group planning for tomorrow, yesterday so that's ready and set to go. And then tonight we are supposed to do the Kick Boxing video at church. I'm still unsure if I'll be doing it, since I'm not very good at it so I'm doing the moves wrong and end up hurting alot. But I've been good, that's 2 days in a row that mr. T-bone and I go for a nice long walk. And since I've been watching a lot of Dog Whisperer we've been having better walks. Just changing little things makes a big difference. I've also been reading The Principal of the Path by Andy Stanley and he says that too! So that's pretty cool, now I just need to start making more changes from the path I'm on and we'll be even better.


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