The Power Based Life by Mike Flynt

The Power Based Life, by Mike Flynt. Like the cover says, "Realize your life's goals and dreams by strengthening your body, mind and spirit. And that is truly what the book is about. From realizing what exactly your dreams and aspirations are to how to make them happen and how to prepare your mind, body and spirit to enjoy it the most. This is a great book for someone who is stuck in a rut and is not too sure where they are at in their lives but know where they want to end up ! Which is pretty much where I am at, at the moment. So I can tell you this first hand, this would be the book to read, this is where you should start. And don't be afraid of the "spirit" part. Mike Flynt is a good author and will ease you in gently. I would and already have, suggested this book to a few people. I think that it can really make a difference in the way you see yourself and the expectations you have for your life, this is definitely a 5 star review. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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