Hello out there !

I know, it's been a while. But I have some news to share, I have a nutritionist appointment today and my hunny is bringing me. And then he get to go to the garage and go install the new muffler on our car. I'm so excited, because right now our car sounds like a really banged up derby car. And tonight is will have NO sound, once he's done anyways. I guess it's a little sad when you get excited about a muffler but hey, I'm excited. I'm also excited about this Saturday, since it's the Paardeburg Ball, a mandatory Military function, that Dustin is not to pleased to attend, but I'm over the moon. It's a BALL. It used to be like a Cinderella ball, but now just girls in skimpy dresses, but that okay, because I gt to wear a pretty dress and get my hair done and be pretty. And since it's the last opportunity for something like this for us, since he's done in June. I plan on making the best of it :) I'm happy.


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