Day 18

Day 18 is about my biggest insecurity. Now, here I go again babbling on until I finally answer the question. I have a few insecurities, like most girls one is my weight and appearance. But having recently lost a significant amount of weight it's not my biggest insecurity. For now. I do still think of it as a significant insecurity though. But my biggest insecurity would probably be not knowing how to be in a new environment or place or with someone. An example of that is that I will often rehearse a conversation in my head before having it with someone, if I either have something important to say to them or if I don't know them very well. I dislike entering a room or a place first. But then my darling husband always says "Ladies First" and then I'm forced to face my fears. I don't know what it is, I've always been "Shy" but I like to think that I've gotten better with that, that I'm not that shy little girl anymore. Although I am a lot better than I was before, I don't cling to my mommy anymore or to Dustin, I just don't like being ditched while he goes out for a smoke. But that has to be my biggest insecurity. And well, there are no pictures for that.


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