Day 14

Yesterday was day 14 and I never made it on the computer. So today shall be a double day. So day 14 was all about the person you couldn't do without. And this one goes to my hubby-dear. Mr Pte. D.M.R. Brunet also know as Dusty. Or Hunny Bunny. He's in the last 6 months of his Military Career, he's been my husband for 2 years and a few weeks, He was my first boyfriend, my first everything. He is the love of my life, an although we do joke around about his life insurance, I would not be able to function without him in my life. We can function pretty well when we are long-distance, we unfortunately learnt that the hard way. And even if we've only know each other for 3 years and a bit, without each other we would be nothing." Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate, " Mark 10:9


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