Today's Frustrations

Today has been a cleaning day, since there was an (not so) anonymous note left on the fridge this morning. A little frustrating. The big problem is that nobody does their FAIR share. Doing a little bit is not enough and then those who do what would be a fair share, well you can't tell since not enough do. And then it just gets too much too handle. And nobody does anything. And the motivation to get started isn't really there when everyone else is not doing any cleaning or chores. Especially since some people volunteered to do specific things and are not doing them. And then all that makes people go on "Strike" and not do anything at all, but still "remind" others to do theirs. So now, apparently, the strike is over now and everything needs to be done right away, although I've been working my way through since the beginning. I'm not saying I've been doing my whole share since the start, but I have been consistent in what I've been doing. Even taking other people's chores on at some time too. Now, if you're reading this and actually understand what I'm saying, you are either in a similar situation yourself, or your part of my situation too. And please understand that this is my venting area. That I need to get this out somewhere, and letting it out, out loud isn't really an options right now. So, in order to keep going the way I'm going, people, please start picking up your dishes off the coffee table, your coats off the chairs and your shoes at the door and not everywhere in the house, your towels in the bathroom and PLEASE start smoking OUT side.


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