Today is Dustin's last work day until his Christmas leave, he's off until January 5th. That's going to be nice. He's going to be able to help finish Michelle's room and move her up and move us in to the basement. We also have plans to go and spend a few days with his grandmother. I'll be able to get some sewing done at her place, she has 2 nice machines. And she'll be able to give me pointers as I go. I might only be make aprons but they make good Christmas presents :)

With Dustin home, he'll be able to sleep in, poor guy is drained with all the traveling back and forth to work. It will be nice on the gas tank too ! Although we will be driving around a lot, my parents - grandparents - his aunt's - grandmothers - parents - there will be a bit of travelling but at least it's all within a 20 - 30 minute drive, no hour drives from Petawawa. And now, we are literally 2 minutes away from the Church and not and hour and some.

But thinking of Church makes me sad a little. My Sunday School Term is coming to an end. Which is making me a little sad. I love teaching my class. And I'm pretty sure they love me teaching it. I've earned their respects without bossing them around. These students are in 3 to 6 grade. They are curious to know who will be replacing me, because the way the Sunday School functions is that the students are separated within their age and school level and then we divide the year in 3 pieces, 4 months each and there's a 3 teacher rotation per year. So that means that I can't teach for an other year, like next September. It will be a long time. And I won't get all the same students as this year because a few of them are going to high school next year. Of course, some new ones will be coming up from the Elementary Class. I have Upper Elementary, and then there is the Teen Class and of course the Primary Class with the little ones :)


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