Less Mondays and more Sundays

It is Monday again, new week with the same things to do. More laundry, more cleaning and more organizing. More knitting and not so much crafting. More yelling at the dog to stay in the yard, more freezing as I go out and get him. More waiting for payday, no Christmas Shopping. More tv watching and computer typing. More reading and thought debating. More Sunday School Planning and hopefully a little Classroom painting. Now, don't expect me to get all of this done on one lonely Monday, give me a week-ish at least. It would be a little more motivating if I had a specific goal in mind, oh, wait I think there was one, but I think I may have lost track of it somewhere between changing the laundry loads and picking up the dishes left on the coffee table. Anyways. This is my Monday, after a lovely Sunday. Sunday's are the best. There's Church, and Sunday School and Socializing followed by lunch and relaxing with the in-laws and then Supper with my family and yesterday was my grand-mother's birthday so we had cake with her and my aunts which was delightful. It was nice. But now it's Monday. But that's ok, Sunday is only 6 days away :)


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