Doctor's Appointment

Tomorrow is my second doctors appointment, since the whole September episode in the hospital. And the first appointment was mainly a chitchat with my doctor about what had happened and what was going on with my body and what medications I was put on by the ER doctor. So since that appointment, I have changed my diet and exercise routine as well as "where" we live and how we live. I have also lost 20lbs and feel great. And, now I can actually tell and feel when my body needs food/sugar. Not only that but I'm now regular with my lady-business ! Which is good if you want to venture in the baby-making adventure, like we do. So everything has a good outlook. So I'm kind of excited to see what the doctor has to say tomorrow. She said I should lose 60lbs in the next year. And it's only been 2 months and I've lost 20lbs. That has to be good news! So I'll keep you updated, tomorrow after my 2:30pm appointment.


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