Day 9

Day 9 is about the person who has gotten me through the most. The most what, I don't know, the challenge didn't say. But let's assume, the most hard times, difficult challenges and things in life. So, today is a toss up. There are 2 main people in my life who have been through it all with me. And it's a little funny, well not ha ha funny but oh! what a coincidence funny. Those 2 people are the main Men in my life. First off, my Daddy and now my Hubby. And even now, my dad is still trying to provide for us (Me). He's helped us through tough times and was there with me when I was growing up. And now, my husband is living through the tough times with me, not that they're always though, but we are together through it all. And my dad may have gotten me through the most so far, but he gave me away 2 years ago and since then my Husband has taken over those duties. So, for my picture, It's the one of my dad giving me away to my husband. The men of my life. Love them both.


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