Day 8

Day 8 is a picture that makes me laugh. And quite a few pictures make me laugh but the one I picked is of a good memory and does make me chuckle a bit when I look at it. Scotty, Dustin's cousin, he's a photographer, and he was doing a photo shoot of us for Christmas Pictures. So we went down to Auntie Ann's farm and took some on the old car that was there. The whole time there are goats, pigs and horses wandering around us, Lexie the horse was munching on Scott's camera case, Billy & Bobby, the goats were munching on us ! In the picture, Bobby is trying to climb up on the car with us and trying to munch on me and I'm laughing my head off ! This is one of Dustin's favorite pictures of me as well. And if you look up, it's also on the collage of my blog header. It is one of our favorite pictures. And it's guaranteed to make you smile.


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