Day 6

Day 6 in this little challenge is a picture of someone I would like to change places with for a day. Now this one took a little pondering. I asked my mom-in-law and dad-in-law and sis-in-law and husband and friend who they would change places with for a day too. And the results were pretty conclusive. We would all do it for the experience not the glory or the riches. Some of the answers were, Peter the Apostle, Mother Theresa, Jesus on His last day on earth, a stunt double and a baby. And as for me, after a good amount of pondering, I decided that if I could change places with someone for one day, I would change with a Missionary somewhere in Africa. Helping the people, teaching the children, caring for babies, experiencing the culture and the travel experience. It would simply awesome to be doing that kind of work. I wouldn't mind doing it now either. And I would like to go to Africa eventually to go and help out like that. We currently sponsor a little boy, through Compassion International, his name is Simon Tolimo Nasieku. He is in grade 1 and he's 6 years old and lives in Kenya. I'd love to go see him someday. So, if I could be someone for a day, I'd love to be a Missionary.


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