Day 3 and Day 4.

So I had limited internet access yesterday so Day 3 never made it up, and that one was no dilemma. My favorite tv show, which was supposed to play tonight, but isn't because of the holidays, is Grey's Anatomy. I also do like Private Practice and can not wait t'ill January to see the new one, Off the Map, it's going to rock ! So here they are, the Grey's Cast.

Day 4 is supposed to be a picture of my night, now I'm assuming it doesn't mean of tonight to be exact, I'm thinking more along the lines of a great night, important night or very memorable night. So this doesn't require much thinking. My birthday this past year, my 20th, was a great one. The best one in a while, thanks to my wonderful husband. The day started off with breakfast in bed, a Bagel BELT on everything bagel with a French Vanilla from Timmies. He then brought the laptop up to bed for me to check my facebook and all that jazz while he decorated downstairs. There were streamers and pink balloons everywhere, even in the bathroom, where he had lit candles and pored me a nice bubble bath which I soaked in while he went to Ottawa (2hrs there and 2 more back) to get Becca, our dear friend. Then we went out, Becca, hubby, Mel and I to Kelsey's for supper where I opened presents and my cousin just happened to be there and she sent a drink for me to the table :) Then, for desert, the whole staff came out and sang me Happy Birthday with a cake, balloons and a bouquet of roses :) We then went bowling, which was a blast and then went home, did some Karaoke and had a few drinks and some more cake, sang t'ill we were exhausted and went to bed. A great night :)


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