Day 2

Day 2's challenge is a picture of me and the person I've been closest with, the longest. And this is where I have a dilemma. I don't have a best friend anymore. And the one person that would qualify for this challenge, isn't my friend anymore, won't even speak to me. And then I have an other friend that I've had since childhood, but we were never really that close. Although, after friend #1, she's the one I've been friends with the longest. So I have the closest and the longest but they're 2 different people and well the one won't even speak to me. So day 2 is really a challenge. I'd love to say I have a #3 friends but I don't think that I do. And, my husband, well, I've only known him for 3 years and some months. And all of the friends I have now are mainly his friends or his friends' wives or girlfriends. And then I thought I could put the Lord as my closest friends but even Him I haven't known for that long. So day 2 is a dilemma. And that's why I'm putting a picture of me and my mom. She's known me for just about 21 years and taught me everything important and that I would need to know in life. She carried me in her belly for 7 months, cared for me for 18 years and although she didn't give me away at our wedding, because my daddy did that, she's the one I've been the closest for the longest, all my life. And now, since I'm a married adult, we can actually relate on the same things and talk about stuff in a different way, so the way I see it is that we can only get closer from here on in.


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