Christmas Cards

This year I was thinking of simply sending out a mass email to all of our extended family and friends with a picture of us and a little Christmas message inside in lieu of traditional Christmas cards that I would have to write up by hand (yeah, I'd probably do them on the computer) and then mail out. Then I debated weather or not I would buy the cards or make them with my scrapbooking stash. But since the move, I don't have a set area to scrap or craft at, so that made making them a little harder. But then, I heard of Shutterfly, through an other blogger's post. They make the cutest cards and calendars and pretty printed things. The Christmas Cards are simply gorgeous! You can choose how many pictures you want on them, the color of the cards and if you want it monogrammed. And you can chose what you want inside too. You can also get the flat cards, the ones you can simply stick in to the Christmas cards you made or bought. Very pretty and very inexpensive and even better, if you contact them about their special offer right now, which is what I did, you can get 50 of the cards of your choice for FREE ! isn't that simply awesome ! These are some of my favorite cards so far. I will most likely lean towards the black in white with colored block letters.

The best part is, they not only make Christmas Cards, they make calendars and photo books and gifts and home decor and wall decals, oh yeah these people are awesome, Wall decals ! And it's all reasonably priced ! I can not wait to receive these and mail them out !


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