Basement Apartment

Greetings, I am writting to you from Michelle's almost finished bedroom that's still the office until it gets painted and flored- room. And as soon as all of that is done, we will be taking over the basement of the house. I'm to the point where I need my own personal space again. I'm a housewife with out a house. Although we are upstairs at the moment, it's not my house so it's hard taking the housewife duties over in someone elses house, especially when it's your mother-in-law's house. Not that we have a bad relationship or anything, we're pretty good together, it's just not the same. We did live here before we had moved to Petawawa and our own place, and we only had a room before. Now we're getting the whole basement. Which is pretty big. One big open space and a good sized room. So it's almost a basement apartment aside for the fact that there is no kitchen space or bathroom, we will be going upstairs for that. Although I do think that there is a focet down there and we will have our water cooler so it's not that bad. We will survive :) Hopefully it will all be done before Christmas.

Speaking of our Lord's B-Day. I have quite a bit of shopping to do and organizing and figuring out where we are going for supper on what night. We are for sure going to the Christmas Eve service at Church
but then I don't know what we are doing yet, so that is to be discussed with the hubby. If anybody would like to give us a present this year, we would love to get a new car and house, just so you know ;)


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