So here it goes.

Ok so, I’ve been wanting to write this out for a while now, but just haven’t taken the time to. Our life has pretty much been changed around once again, although there isn’t really anything negative going on, it’s just full of small changes that have become big changes. And now, those changes are starting to take effect. And I’m okay with change; it’s just that it’s all going to start happening at once. And it’s a little much to handle. I think I’m just looking for some comforting and advice on how to take all of this on.

First off, my last year as an Army wife has already begun. DH has decided that he is not renewing his contract next June. And I am ready to support him in his decision. He doesn’t think that the military is the thing for him anymore. Which is the hard thing. We have been together since before he joined. And at first, I was the one that was reluctant to him joining, I didn’t want this lifestyle, to go through the training and separations and possible deployments. But I supported him joining and went through it all and next thing you know, he’s in Basic, we’re engaged, he goes to battle school and we get married and now we’re in Petawawa and have been here for over a year now. And we’ve been through our fair share of ups and downs, and I made peace with the lifestyle and quite enjoy it. But then, as it turns out, he doesn’t. So now that I like it, he changes his mind. Go figure. But I won’t “make” him stay in or anything like that. If it’s not for him, it’s not for him, and I’ll support his decision. It just sucks that I won’t be seeing all the new people I’ve met, as much, if at all.

Because, since he’s not staying in the military, we need to move, because we are currently living in a PMQ. And, since Petawawa is an hour away from home for us, we decided that we would move back home. So we we’re talking with DH’s aunt and uncle and they said that, in a year or so, we could rent out the apartment in their house, the “Granny Suite”. So we would have a place to move into when he would be done his contract. So that was great, but then, on a whim, DH brings up the fact that the “Granny Suite” is empty, that we could move in earlier and avoid the rush of clearing out and all that next July. So we talk to his aunt and uncle, and they say sure, just let us paint and stuff first. That was last month. Then we sat down with them and talked rent with them. We currently pay 650$ a month for a 3 bedroom duplex, with a basement. They were going to charge us 600$ for a 1 bedroom/bathroom with open kitchen and living room all on one floor. And share a front door and other common areas. So basically no privacy except for in the bedroom and bathroom. And we didn’t have a problem with the less than perfect privacy issues, it was the rent, since DH would be travelling back and forth, he would be spending a few 100$ on gas and car maintenance, and paying the same price for even less than half of what we have now.

Then we decided that we would look around for a place around there. And we were chitchatting with his parents, and we’ve already lived with them before and a little while after we got married and jokingly we said that we wouldn’t be able to move in with them since we would end up killing each other like last time. Then we mentioned our dilemma with my mom and dad, and since one of my brother’s just moved out, there was an empty bedroom and they offered it to us. We talked about it, discussed it. Argued about it. And finally decided we would move into my parent’s place. The thing is, I’m the oldest of 6 siblings. 4 of which still live at home with my parents In a small 4 bedroom house out in the middle of nowhere.

I was working at the time and then gave in my 2 weeks notice, so I haven’t been working for about 2 weeks now. And our goal would be to be moved in by October 15th, Dh’s birthday. We still have to give out notice to CFHA and to hydro and stuff. The plus side to moving in with my family is that my parents will not be charging us any rent although, they are demanding that we put at least 400 to 500 $ away in a savings account a month. Oh, and my dad’s one rule was that we keep our room clean and he reminded DH that my dad is the boss of the remote for the tv.

And, since I am not working anymore, I’m supposed to be packing and organizing our move, but both DH and I are sick, myself more than him. So the enthusiasm and motivation to pack is just not there. And to top it off, DH’s cousin is getting married Oct. 1st and we are both helping her out a lot getting every thing ready and done for her big day. On top of being really busy every weekend with so many things going on that are not move related that need to be done, it’s just hectic. So that’s where I’m at. Sorry for the long update. I’ve been keeping it in for too long.


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