Possible Plans for the Weekend

We might be going up to the cottage this weekend, well, my parent's cottage. That's where Dustin flipped the car last year, on our last day up there. It was quite a day.

So, hopefully, our Cottage stay will be less eventful this year. Some swimming and some sleeping and some reading and eating, and some fishing, is about all that goes on at the cottage. And this year, I so will be participating in the fishing part. Last night, we went out to do some groceries and stopped in at Wal-Mart. Dustin specifically said that he was only going to do some "looking"| no more buying. So he drags me off to the outdoors section and we look around and then he finally releases me from his hold. And I escape to the fabric department, when he calls me over and tells me I have to see "this!"

A Pink fishing rod and a pink and purple tackle box ! So, of course, the looking went to touching and placing into the cart. So I now proudly own a fishing rod and tackle box. The funny part is, that last weekend, I was talking with Dustin's Dad, about fishing and that fishing rods we so not cute and that the extra rod Dustin had supposedly bought for me, but kept for himself, was ugly, that I wouldn't fish unless I had a Pink Rod. And now I do. He even bought me some pink squiggly things that I can use instead of worms :) I love my husband :) ♥


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