Back from the Cottage

We got home early Monday morning. After an eventful weekend. We got there late Friday night. It was dark and almost midnight when we were done setting up and getting all our things organized. Then the guys made the camp fire and had a few beers. And when the time came to put the fire out, Dustin went down to the lake to get a bucket full of water and he fell in and scrapped his whole arm and his hand pretty badly. On top of being drenched. Saturday, after a lazy morning we came back down to Shawville to workout. Dustin got a new Dead lift max. 310 lbs. :) And I got to go for a nice walk with Joy. Then we went back up to the Cottage. Had steak at midnight, guys had more beer and some Fireball. Sunday we had fun in the water for a few hours came back and made more food and then packed up and got everything cleaned up. We finally left at around 9:30 or so. Got to Shawville and unpacked the truck into our cars. And then we finally made our way to the highway. And then the tire busted. We got a hold of my brothers and they came and met us and tried to plug the tire since we didn't have a spare tire. But the whole in the tire was the size of my thumb. So by this time it was after 2 am. So they took our busted tire and our tire-without-rim that was in the trunk and made it work. So we finally got home after 3 am. Dustin was working at 7:00 the next morning. I was glad to have the day off :) So, that was our weekend, here are a few of the Cottage pictures I took.


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