A Time To Dance - Karen Kingsbury - Book Review

A Time To Dance is a the story of a happily married couple, Abby & John, or so we think. They are on the edge of throwing their wedding away. They have been married for soon-to-be 22 years, have a wonderful little family and live in a sweet little cottage style house on the lake. John is the High School Football coach and Abby is a writer. John had been befriending a coworker a little too much and Abby's editor had been sending her more than professional emails. Both are in denial of each other's part in the failing of their wedding and decide to call it quites with a Divorce. They are about to announce this news to their 3 children, when their oldest, Nicole announces her engagement and the date of her up-coming wedding, July 14th, Abby and John's Anniversary. They decide to postpone the divorce until after the wedding, but can they both pretend to be in love for that long ? And what does God want them to do ? And are they listening to Him ?


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