There was an earthquake yesterday. And it was a little scary. It was ranked as a 5.0. I was sleeping at the time, since I wasn't feeling well, I was home from work. It woke me up. the bed started shaking like crazy and T-Bone was howling. I was sure the China Buffet was going to topple over. Some dishes that were stacked in the kitchen fell over too. Technically, it was my second earthquake but I don't remember the first one, it happened in 1998, so I was 8 years old. But this one really shook ! And of course, it's all over Facebook and people have created some stupid groups and all, I survived Earthquake 2010, and they're all over the place. And so annoying. After the quake, later on in the day, it stormed and poured rain for most of the day/evening and night. I'm sure there is a mega puddle in the basement once again. that sucks.


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