A walk in her shoes :)

Or so the famous quote says, my mom's shoes are hard ones to fill ! She, too needs a break from them once in a while. That's what happened on Sunday, after we visited Grandma and decided to go to Renfrew. We ended up at Giant Tiger. On the Friday, Dustin and I went to the GT in Shawville and bought ourselves some matching sandles, then his mom and dad bought them selves matching pairs, that also match ours. So, on Sunday, my mom bought her self into the matching sandles club, price 9.99$ at a GT near you :) So, once we got out of the store, mom takes her little black ballerina slippers off in the parking lot, and slips the sandles on, places the little black shoes on the yellow line in the parking lot for someone else to fill in ! Some lady gave her a dirty look, but whatever :) Mom was tickled pink with her new shoes! So, this is my tribute to the ballerina slippers.


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