I went again :)

This time I found ... a nice sized table, perfect for my new-older sewing machine :) It's the perfect height and it's pretty big, maybe 4 square feet ? I don't know, my math/surface/calculation qualities are not very good. But it's pretty big but without being too big. It's white-ish fake marble top. And I brought it from up the hill and around the corner, all by myself, after taking a speedy walk with T-Bone around the block. And then brought it upstairs and set it up and washed it and set up the sewing machine on it and was able to thread the main needle (top bobbin) but I just can't figure out the bottom bobbin. Then I came downstairs and had a nice healthy lunch, a hamburger with a side of celery and carrot sticks and some yogurt. Nice and healthy. Now, I am looking forwards to Grey's Anatomy tonight and Survivor and Private Practice :) It's Thursday Night !!! Then, on Sunday, we have a Michael W. Smith Concert in Ottawa :) So much to look forwards to :)


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