Well, well

It's been a week since my last post...
And I have not been up to much. Last week ended began with an Awesomely-Inspiring Concert by the Daae (pronounced Doe) Family. I'd say it inspired me and Dustin. We listened to the CD we bought of them the whole way back home on Sunday night and to a few more songs on Monday on the way back to Shawville, where we have spent most of the week. I am still working on the pictures I took of them during the concert and will be posting them up on here and on the Church website and on their facebook fan page.

And like you previously read, we have spent the week in the Pontiac. Why ? Because it is Dustin's March Break. He worked on Monday and had the rest of the week off. So we have been going back and forth between here (Shawville) and the Island, my parent's place. We slept over there the other night and spent the day with my youngest sister Gab and went shopping with her and had lots of fun!

And yesterday was my other little sister's 11th Birthday ! So we went to Walmart and picked up a really nice yellow cake for her. It was a gorgeous cake. So on our way back we picked up my mom from her car-pool parking place, since we had borrowed her car. So I called shot-gun and hopped in to the front and shut the door, but while I did that, Dustin got into the back seat, where the cake was, so he put the cake on the roof of the car so he could get in. He says he told me to grab the cake, but I didn't hear him. He thought I grabbed the cake and I was oblivious to the fact it needed to be grabbed. Therefor the cake landed on the high way. A nice big yellow splat. So we turned around, once we realized that neither one of us had the cake. Which was, when we were practically home. So I picked it up. It wasn't too too bad (unfortunately no one had a camera on them) and had it on my lap on the way back home, my jeans and coat and seat belt were YELLOW ! And one we got to the house and told the Birthday Girl what happened she giggled and went back to watching tv. So I tried to salvage as much as possible and if I do say so myself I did an okay job. Sure it wasn't yellow anymore but it had hearts and flowers :)

I also dyed her hair for her birthday, she was a brunette and now is a redhead with blond-ish high lights. She originally wanted to go blond but I didn't think it would take since her hair was SO dark. So she didn't like the idea of red but agreed to dye it anyways. And now she absolutely LOVES it!! She even got me to get some before-during-after pictures ! I'll be putting them up later since my camera is currently out of my reach and I am not getting up :P

Tomorrow we will be going to church and then going back home. Where all of my duties will be waiting for me. :( I have quite a bit of things to get caught up to.


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