This Weekend.

Here it goes.
Well, I guess I should start off with Friday evening...Mike, my father-in-law, picked us up in Petawawa and brought us down to Shawville, where they live. We have a room and a bed to sleep on :) So it's all good. But, yah, we came down and had supper, steak with poutine and a salad. With Pepsi of course. We all watched Ghost Whisperer and Medium.

Then we put in the Friday Night Movie Rental... Drum-roll please ...Law Abiding Citizen. For once it wasn't a Zombie or WWII themed movie, since usually, Dustin is the one to drive out to the movie store and pick, and lately all he has come back with are War movies or Zombie movies. Michelle, his little-sis went with him this time and I guess knocked some sense into him :) It was a good movie. I pretty well liked it. There was just a part or to where it was a little to violent for me, but all in all, I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars. **** :)

Then we all gradually went to bed. Except for Mr. Dukey. He apparently had other plans to keep us all up. So every couple of hours would come an outburst of barking and whining and howling to get outside and go check something out. T-Bone was surprisingly calmer and contented himself to some slight whines. All in all, it was a long night, especially for Michelle, since he bunks down with her.

As for today, The guys are gone to work out, they were meeting up and starting at 3:00 and are not back yet. And as I was told we are going to go for supper at Auntie Ann's and Uncle Mike's, who, unfortunately lost Uncle Mike's work garage to a fire, earlier this week. Now that really sucks, since he had lost some of his tools and the inside of his garage. His pride and joy as a Mechanic, I suppose.

Tomorrow, we have church at Grace, check the website out --> here. I am the one who has been taking care of it :) And if you check it out, you'll see that the Daae Family, from Saskatchewan are coming to visit us and will be performing tomorrow night at 7:00pm, at Grace. Mike, the wonderful cook he is, is making them a Stew for supper :) Mike the father-in-law, not to be confused with Mike, the uncle :) See you there.


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