Second in a Week

An other dinner party.
Tonight was a spaghetti night :) We had the Dampier's and an other one of Dustin's friends over. So a nice 'getti supper and some fresh caesar salad. It was good. And we moved the dinning room table into the living room again, so that we could all eat together around it. So that made it even nicer. Then we got a surprise call from Becca, a wonderful friend. So we chatted a while. Then, the guys played some video games. And, need I mention that it is Thursday night, my favorite night of the week. Why ? Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and Survivor ;) So because of the diner party, I missed the first "showing" so now, here I am watching it from a channel from a different time zone. I might be up a little later, but it's worth it :) So, I'll get back to that now :) Commercial over ...


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