Once Again

I have been slacking off.
I haven't blogged since last Thursday, and today is Tuesday. A few things have happened over the weekends. We had a card/drink night at friend's of ours and a sleepover. Also went grocery shopping. T-Bone and I have been going for some longer walks and have enjoyed ourselves. Dustin and I have decided and bought a brandnew freeze, it is now sitting in my kitchen and I will be posting pictures of it as soon as I can find the USB cord for the camera. Aside for that, I have filled out a few job applications and will be dropping them off sometime next week. Also, next week is Dustin's March Break. Apparently we will be going away all week. Not quite what I had in mind, and hopefully it is still up for debate. We'll see about that one later. Anyways, I have household duties to see too.


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