I just had to share this with you ♥

Mr T-Bone and Miss Lilly seem to finally be getting along !

Now let me explain the situation. T-Bone loves smelling Lilly's bum and just all out sniffing her. Lilly is Michelle, my wonderful sister-in law's dog. And well, Lilly does not appreciate T-Bone's sniffing. And has been know to growls and make funny noises at him, and I'm pretty sure she's tried to bit or nip at him as well, just to get him away from her. Now, something you should know is that Lilly is puny. She's a mix between a few "small dog" breeds and T-Bone is big. So when I saw them sharing a chair - sans growling. It amazed me that she would let him get that close to her, especially on HER chair. I think he put his sniffing tendencies to rest, while they decided to nap. Here are a few pics. I suppose the first few woke them up, but I got one of then snoring in unison.


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