Diner Party

An awesome evening.
Well tonight we had a couple of guys over for supper. Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes, Carrots, Zucchini, Corn and Home maid Gravy. I did get some help from the guys. Which was a little funny, just picture it. Me and then the 3 guys in our tiny little PMQ (RHU)kitchen, hovering over my little itty bitty stove :) Then, I got them to move my kitchen table into the living room, so we could all sit around the table and eat together. It was nice. And our table conversation was about stupid things we have done in our childhood, as in, tying the GT to the back of the Ski-Doo or a Crazy Carpet alternative :) All while watching Family Guy. Then the guys cleared the table and put it back in the corner in the kitchen. We then watched the Simpsons, then the guys played Left 4 Dead, their all time favorite pass time, killing zombies. Then, somehow, we watched Robin Hood : Men in Tights. Which was hilarious. Then their guys went back to their shacks.

Here are a couple pictures of our table.

The only downside to the whole evening, while I was leaning over the stove to stir the zucchini, my apron was touching the stove ring where the potatoes had just boiled, so my apron almost caught fire. So now, there is a big black hole in the middle of my blue apron. I'll need to patch that, whenever I get a sewing machine...

Asides for that, we had a great evening tonight :)


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