Catching up.

A busy weekend.
Well, a lot of things have happened since I have last posted. My curtains are the last project I have completed. Why? The answer to that question is so sad. Here it is… my sewing machine has died.
Yep. It’s dead. Something inside had melted, therefore, the needle will not go up and down anymore. You can see, where the bottom bobbin is, whatever it is that holds it into place is melted and deformed. My father-in-law has taken a look at it and told me the grim news, it is not fixable. The light, peddle and everything is still in excellent shape. I overworked it. I did all those aprons and curtains and other little projects. Poor thing. And the worst part is, I can’t bring myself to throw it out.

Asides for my sewing machine mourning, our car is still out of commission. : ( They have changed the fuel pump, the caps/rotors (whatever that is) and now the battery won’t keep it’s charge.
Dustin and his dad have worked on it quite a bit and still, it isn’t working. This is the second week that it’s just been parked in the drive way. It is starting to really suck.

His dad gave us a ride down to Shawville on Friday. So I got to hang out at my parents place Friday afternoon, I made a cake, and icing, hamburgers for supper, took their dogs for a walk and taught the dog a new trick. (Drop it Buddy! Buddy Drop it! BUDDY!!! DROP IT! Don’t you dare bite me! BUDDY LET GO OF MY SLEEVE!!! BAD BOY!! Drop it!) Then we played euchre until 2am with a neighbor and he and I won both games: )

Then, on Sunday, we went to church and I got to teach a Sunday school class, since the regular teacher was sick (Get well Soon, Esther!) I had a lot of fun! There were only 4 children in the class but we had a blast. We talked about making choices and how we should try and make the right ones and that praying before we act or when we are in a tough situation can really make a difference. We read about how Jesus prayed all night before he chose his apostles. It was a good class. And I almost forgot to mention the oh-so-awesome hockey game, which was a gold medal win, thanks to MR. Crosby! Then, we got a ride back home Sunday night.

Some of Dustin’s co-workers we gone on a “business” trip and got back over the weekend. So we got together with some of them Sunday night and watched the closing ceremony for the Olympics together. It was quite a show, we enjoyed it as well as the time spent together!

Tonight, another coworker came over and picked Dustin up and they went over to an outside rink and played hockey, that was nice. Then they came over and played Halo3 and some older video games.

Tomorrow night, a different coworker is coming over for supper. So I decided do make a nice roast with potatoes and veggies! So I’ll be taking out my slow-cooker! That is going to be a fun evening, it will most likely end in zombie killing! A left 4 dead marathon! And obviously, I will not be participating. Zombie killing is not my forte.
I’ll leave that up to Dustin and David : )

Anyways, I’m going to get back to watching “Pay it Forwards” and start thinking of ways I could do that too! It’s such a great movie, with an awesome message. Everybody should “pay it forwards”
Not only that, but the mother has pretty nifty hiding spots for her alcohol: p


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