Attempted Tortillas

Well, it didn't turn out so well.
First off, they kept crumbling and tearing so I never even managed to make a round one. And then I think I under cooked a few of them. But I still managed to make the mexican pizza and it tasted okay. So I guess that's all that matters.

Tomorrow, a friend of ours is coming to pick up a piece of our sectional that is broken. Which is going to make more room is our living room, so we will more the recliners to were that part was and move our kitchen table into the living room where the recliners are now. So It will fill up that wall. We had to move the table out of the kitchen to make room for the freezer. So I moved the kitchen around today, and i like it, therefor Dustin doesn't.

I got to put the first load of laundry out on the line today, the weather had been so nice here for the past week, and I just couldn't resist anymore. I had to use the clothes line :)

While I got busy making the tortillas this afternoon, Mr T-Bone got a little neglected and didn't get to go for a walk today, although he did play ball for a bit while I was putting the clothes on the line. But he was whiny and walking around the house today. Lesson learnt, bring dog out everyday.


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