On our way
Well, we had plans for this weekend. Pretty good ones at that. But I guess that the better the plans are, the higher the odds of them NOT happening ? Now, I suppose I should start at the beginning. I was at Mel’s house, watching some One Tree Hill and playing some cards after a day of window shopping. We were waiting for Dustin to come pick me up, when he was done work. So 4 o’clock had come and gone and he said he was leaving in 15 minutes. 5:15 rolls around and the phone rings, he’s on the side of the highway. The car will not move. His buddy was gone to go get some gas. He calls 30 minutes later. Gas wasn’t the problem. He’s calling around to see what might be wrong. An hour later, I call him. He says call a tow truck. So I call around looking for a truck. No body is answering. I finally get a hold of a truck, after calling the road side assistance center and them declining me. We get there around 8, and beat the tow truck there. Of course. Then we get home. And realize we don’t have any groceries to last us the weekend, since we planned on being away for the weekend.

And now, we don’t have a car to go get any ! Not only that, but no ice fishing for Dustin, no sewing day with his grandmother for me, no skit practice on Sunday for both of us, no church and we miss out on my mom’s birthday, Sunday. So what was a jam-packed weekend turns into staying home and watching movies and doing laundry and dishes.

Movies watched so far : The Fast and the Furious : Tokyo Drift, The Green Mile, Black Hawk Down, The Ninth Gate, A Knight’s Tale, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Good Will Hunting.


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