Tuesday :)

Getting Caught up !
I'd say yesterday was a good day ! It started off a little sluggish but ended with a bang :) I am very proud of what I accomplished ! I made an Apron !! it's so cute, it even has ruffles on it !! Which I learnt from an Awesome tutorial from a wonderful lady, Disney. You can find it here.And I started on my second apron !! I was going to post some pictures but the camera is not being compliant ! So until I find the other camera, but I will be posting pictures eventually !

My apron making was postponed when Mel came in and announced we were going to go paint her kitchen !! It took us all evening to get the first coat on! Took us forever to tape the trim lol ! We were interrupted by lack of tape and pizza ! Dustin ended up doing most of the painting and trimming, but somehow, I got the most paint on myself ! But, we all helped. The color is really nice, it's a little dark for a kitchen, but all of Mel and Phil's kitchen appliances are black and stainless steal. And their dishes are black and red, so it fits in pretty nicely !

This is pretty much the color of the walls. And of my hands :)


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