On Going Weekend

Movies, Movies and more Movies
Well, now we can add Monalisa Smile, Le Divorce and The Perfect Man to the list of movies watched, as well as a few episodes of Family Guy and The Simpsons.

We did take a break in between it all and went for a walk, all 3 of us, Dustin, T-Bone and I. We just went around the block. It was nice, we didn't do much chitchatting. Just a pleasant walk. And it wasn't too cold outside, a couple of sweaters and a scarf and it was comfy.

Looks like we're having pogos for supper with some salad, gotta have some healthy food to counter balance the pogos lol. Now, dishes are still on the agenda. No, I haven't done them yet. Do we still have clean ones ? Just put it this way, I ate my cereal out of a mixing bowl this morning :)


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