A little Behind, but that's okay.
Monday wasn't that bad of a start to the weeks. My In-laws came and spent the day. He spent the day trying to figure out what was wrong with the car and fixing it. So, it was the Fuel Pump, which is a mini fortune of it's self. 700$ regular price, 300$ with Mechanic and Military discounts. All that was going on while me and mom-in-law were inside, watching Olympics and tv and talking and getting caught up. Then we did a little grocery shopping trip, since it would be a little hard to go pick up a 5 gallon thing of water and bring it back on foot !

Later on, Mel picked me up and we went and checked out her new place. Took some pictures of the emptiness and talked about colors and layouts and compared it to our place, since they're both Military Housing, but completely different ! Then we talked up a painting schedule !

So that was my Monday! Not very exciting but not completely dull!


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