Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Papa !

Today is my father’s fiftieth birthday! So a great big happy birthday to him. We are actually going to drive down tonight to go surprise him. My mom and I have invited some of his brothers and sisters to come and have supper with us at a local restaurant, right across the street where they grew up and where my dad’s office is. So the plan is to get him to pick up pizza or one of my brothers up there and walk in and “Surprise!!!” lol that’s the plan. My aunt is picking up the cake and my husband and I are supposed to get there before hand to decorate a little bit. It’s not too bad, since my birthday was only 2 weeks ago, I still have most of the decorations. I just need to buy blue balloons instead of the pink I have left over and some candles, still debating on buying fifty of them or just buying a 5 and a 0. But there is going to be a 50 on the cake already! As for presents, I bought him 2 sweaters and a package of socks and then my husband bought him a knife. So I should be a great birthday! Hopefully hubby will be done early enough to get and get it all done! Especially since we’re an hour away!


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