Happy Love Day

Will you be my valentine ?
Happy Valentine's Day to all of Cyber space. I hope your love day is going according to plan. Mine hasn't been so bad. Woke up, went to church, sermon about the Book of Jude (the second last book of the bible, just in case you're like me and are not sure when you hear the name of a bible book if it's New or Old Testament lol)Well, at least the first 3 verses of it. Then we had a Valentine Spaghetti Lunch at church, made and organized by the men of the church for the ladies. Proud to say that the amazing sauce was made by my father-in-law. My husband helped, he stirred it once or twice :) After desert, my husband was kidnapped by one of his buds and is still over at his house playing some computer game. So I went shopping with my mother-in-law. Got a couple of things and my father's birthday present. He's turning 50 tomorrow. We might be going over tonight for supper, still not sure when I'm going to be getting my husband back and it's already 5. And then we have an hour drive back home. Odds are we will be getting back fairly late, like usual. Although we haven't came down in a couple of weeks. I was surprised at the hugs and happiness when we walked into church, people were happy to see us. Anyways, I'm going to go call at my hubby's captors house to see if I can have him back. Happy Valentines Day.


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