First Official Post !!

Hello and Welcome to my blog!
My name is Brigitte and I'm new at this. This is my first official blog. I did have a window's live space, when it was really trendy and had just the one person reading me, here's to hopeing a few more people find me interesting this time arround :)

Right now, I'm a housewife, but not a desperate one :P I hate doing dishes, therefore, there's a pile in the sink, one on the counter and 2 or 3 on the table. Something I should do tomorrow :)

I am also behind on laundry, which includes : washing, drying, folding and putting away. There is some pile of clothes in everyone of those categories !!!

My hubby is with the Canadian Forces. I am very proud of him and of all of his co-workers. I also love him VERY much. We have been married for a little over a year now. We got married when we were 18. With both our parent's consent <3

I come from a larger family, I'm the oldest of 6 children, all with the same mommy & daddy. And my husband has 1 sister. So,two very different enviroments.

For the momment, there is just hubby & me and our adorable dog, Mr. T-Bone. He's somewhere arround 2 years old and is a golden lab mix.

I guess that pretty much sums up who I am. Stay posted for some more of my day to day activities, as I am sure, I will be coming back here to vent and keep track of what is going on in my own life ♫.•**•.¸♥♫♥¸.•**•.♫.• **•.¸♥♫♥ ¸.•***•.


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